Ordering photos

To order photos, please send an e-mail whit a list of the desired photos.

After you transfered the payment to: IBAN nummer: NL38INGB0002890615, R Schraa, Rolde, The Netherlands, the ordered photos will be send.

Copyright law

No picture, representation or illustration of this site may be manipulated, duplicated and/or made public by means print, photoprint, internet or any other way without pior courtesy of the proprietor/photographer. This applies at the same time to all of the ordered recordings.

The request of courtesy for manipulation, multiplication or publication of one or more picture(s), and/or illustration(s) takes place via e-mail.


This site makes use of photos witch were taken for publication.

Persons, groups and/or organisations who have objections agains publication of their photo/photos are able to notify their objection by sending an e-mail. Publication of commissioned photos and/or mulitiple photos of persons, groups and/or organisations take place as much as possible and/or necessary after prior courtesy.

Photographed persons, groups and/or organisations are not able to derive rights from publication of their photograph/photographs on this site.